pilgrim / ˈpɪlgrəm / noun

A traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place.

A person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place.



Since February 2019, I am coordinating the CRETIOFoundations Projects:



Starting on June 2019, I've been collaborating on the innovation and development areas for Shelton Academy.


Since April 2020, I'm coordinating an inclusive educational project in Palestine.



Narratrix is a very unique project, bringing together the Human-Centered approach and the Innovation in Education.

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Curriculum Vitæ

pilgrim / ˈpɪlgrəm / noun

A traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place.

A person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place.

As a child, my dream was to sail the seas and live countless adventures with my crew discovering the world ... but, of course, when I grew, I discovered that the world was already on the maps, that traveling is not cheap, and that I get seasick. Nevertheless, from that dream I kept the essential elements: an impulse to get to know other cultures and languages, a passion for teamwork and training people, and a thirst for new adventures. And in my journeys, I discovered, as a treasure to be preserved, a growing interest in the Humanities.
I have always thought that, if Humans are looking for answers to the big questions, it is unwise not to start with the best answers that, since Antiquity, have been accumulated in the heritage of Western culture. That is why, in addition to going through the regulated curriculum of the Faculty of Economic and Management in Seville (LADE, US), I have continued my training in Humanities with studies in Philosophy / Theology in Rome (PhD, PUSC) and Classical Philology in Madrid. (MA, UAM).
Professionally, I have tried to harmonize my dedication to management and human resources, with a humanistic attitude, partially recovering the idea from the Renaissance (and not only): putting the people at the center of the organization. I have held for 5 years the position of Executive Director (CEO) at an Academy of Humanities of international scope, based in Jerusalem, where my main mission has been to give everyone the opportunity to grow, improve as a professional as well as in the human skills. Connecting people, despite the barriers that Jerusalem society experiences on a daily basis... Putting the people at the center of the organization: that is the success with which my period in the Middle East concludes.
Now, from Madrid but with a global reach, I collaborate in various projects of human develop and cultural impulse, thus uniting my passions: Humanities, Entrepreneurship and Education worldwide.



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Marbella 60, 28034, Madrid, SPAIN.


  Tel: +34 673 703 276

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